Sunday, March 13, 2011

The first of MANY

It was highly recommended that I do a lactate threshold heart rate { LTHR} test to establish my training zones. I feel like I am learning a new language. It turns out that the old rule of "220- your age" is not always accurate. Mine was a little off, so I am glad I did this simple test. Basically you ride like hell for 30 minutes. After 10 minutes hit the lap button and finish the last 20 minutes. Your biking zones are based on the last 20 minutes. Lucky for me I have a 'self professed' numbers geek in my corner this year . I was able to send Jeff my Garmin link and he hooked me up with my numbers. I should probably be paying this guy huh?

I loaded Felix in Stella, the van, and took the 15 minute drive to Busch Wildlife. Busch has 3 separate loops to ride as well as many other off road options. There is low traffic, I only saw 5 cars, and sometimes you can score a beer from the fisherman. I did my 30 minutes and felt like I could puke afterwards. There are several hills and some challenging gravel. Many stretches that looked like this.

Since I was already there I did a couple laps of the A loop. I ended my day with 26 miles and lots of smiles.

I started using dailymile in November to track all my workouts and see what other athletes are doing. I even have friends in Alaska and Switzerland. I would call it a facebook for athletes. I recently added their training widget to my blog to help keep myself accountable. Go to to sign up. Its free!!

Damn, thats a great bike! A picture doesnt do it justice.

My first week of training may be a challenge. Sydney is on spring break and the weather looks awful. Just a couple obstacles to overcome. Thank goodness I have a Cyclops. I plan on doing this next weekend. You should too. I am looking to carpool so hit me up if your interested.


  1. So excited for you! Have fun with it!

  2. Great write-up! Sounds like everything is going swimmingly...


  3. There is a good book by Dr. Michael Ross - "Max Performance for Cyclists" that is a good reference for these tests - all variations of Conconi-Ferrari research but names changed to protect the innocent. From velo press - you might like it, and I've got some spreadsheets I can send you to help calculate and set HR and Power training Zones.

  4. I like Daily Mile a lot. I've made a lot of running friends in my own city, and it's actually, in a roundabout way, what led to me being at the non-race on Sunday.

    After today, the weather looks to be pretty sweet. Hopefully you can get in some good riding.