Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Family Races at ICCP

This past Sunday was a very successful race day for the Davis family, also known as Team Trail Monster. Sydney had her first taste of mountain bike racing. Jim and I are so proud to watch Sydney enjoy and participate in something we both love. It was great to be surrounded by so many people who have watched Sydney grow into an amazing 5yr old and hear them cheer her on.

the line-up, she is in the pink

Crushin' it

Sydney had a rough time through the field, which beat her up a bit, but once she hit the single track she was fine. It was very hot so she did melt a little, but recovered quickly just before the finish line.
Yea! I did it!

Special thanks to my mom and sister who took care of Syd after her race so Jim and I were able to do our 6 hr solo races . This race had a single speed class for the women, of course I wouldn't have missed it. I know Karen had to have something to do with that. Nice work Karen.

Karen "the machine"

Over 170 racers showed up to ride the 8 mile laps in the almost 90 degree heat. Very impressive for a new race in a new place that hasn't been raced yet. I kept Connor set up 32x20. I could have easily pushed a bigger gear on this course since there are no climbs to speak of, however, I have learned that pushing a larger gear in heat is just suicidal. My goal was to not let Chris Ploch catch me until Lap 4, and stay upright. No reason to get hurt 2 weeks before DK.

The first lap was the hardest. I had to find a 6 hr pace in heat I am not used to. Several went out too fast and suffered for it. I passed many trying to get themselves together and dig out of the hole they put themselves in to. Some took a DNF and became spectators with beers.

I kept my pit stops to a minute or less. I only have one bottle cage so I had to stop every lap to refill. The course became more familiar with each lap. I do not ride ICCP because I don't like the horse poop. A huge thank you to the volunteers that cleared the course. I did not see any out there. Since my accident at Berryman and a 5 day hospital stay , because of a poo infection, I stay away from it.

Jim looking strong.

About 2 miles before finishing Lap 3 Ploch got me. I know I am getting faster. Last year he would have had me on Lap 2!

The amazing Ploch

I caught Jim as I headed into the woods for Lap 5. He was rocking it and looked great. Yea, we are competitive like that. He rode behind me the entire lap, code for used me, and dropped me as Lap 6 started. During this lap I also caught Karen, she let me pass. I kept my pace and knew I did not see the last of her. I had 2 more laps to go.

Lap 6 was a game changer. The wind, rain, thunder and lightning rolled in. The trail conditions went from awesome and dry to miserable and muddy. About 3 miles from the finish I slid out in the mud and went down still clipped in. I looked over my shoulder to see Karen closing in on me. I would not be able to hold her off in these conditions. When she caught up to me I asked her if she wanted to pass. She said no and she had an idea.

The race was called about 5 hours in so I didn't have to do the 7th lap. Karen and I finished hand in hand. I would not have wanted it any other way. We had both worked very hard and deserved to win.

We even finished 1 lap ahead of the 6hr women on gears. It was a great result for such a hot day.

Jim did beat me by 2 minutes. All I can say is "Great Job Baby and see ya at the DK200 next weekend. I will be seeking my redemption there".

**** Thanks to Suzanne and Adam for the pics and all the volunteers who helped make this race a huge success. ****

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