Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Eyes Have It

Last week I had an appointment at The O'donnell Eye Institute. I sat in the waiting room with a few 60- 70 somethings trying to fill out forms that were printed way to small. After all, you would think they would have larger type for an eye center. After several tests, it was confirmed that my right eye has a cataract and needs surgery. Basically, my surgeon will remove my 'cloudy lens' and replace it with a hard, non- flexible lens. My surgery will be performed on June 21st and will take about 15 minutes. I am sure they will make me very comfortable * wink, wink* before they try to stick any sharp instruments into my eye. Adtivan, I hope.

I was also informed that there is a start of a cataract in my left eye. Wonderful. I have no symptoms , but at least now I know what to look for. For now, the left eye will be monitored. He said it could take a year or ten years. No one knows. Maybe we could take care of this in the off season? or never? I will need some 'cheater glasses' afterwards so I can see things up close. The flexible lens they are putting in does not have the ability to focus, so I will only be able to focus on things at a distance.

I have been told I will have a mandatory 2 weeks off the bike and/or any lifting. Great. I have to give up my life. I will be trying to stay busy. Any ideas? I plan on doing some painting, walls not pictures. Any good books out there? I will be able to read!

Functioning with one eye has not been easy and I am eager to put this behind me. You never realize what you have until it's gone. I am very grateful for the technology that is out there. In some countries people just go blind for lack of insurance or surgeons.

I have been working on my Dirty Kanza report, just waiting for some pictures to be posted. I promise it will be worth the wait.

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