Friday, June 17, 2011

Lizard Skins Review

Bar ends not included

Last April I had the opportunity to attend Sea Otter in California, courtesy of Airborne Bicycles. Along with meeting the Flight Crew members, I met Pam Sayler. She is the North Atlantic Sales Manager for Kinetic training. After chatting with her I knew she would be a good person to know. Later that day she brought me a gift. It was some Lizard Skins bar tape. Perfect. I was needing some for my Kona JTS. The tape that came on it was white, and with over 2000 miles now a real dingy white, and I wanted to replace it before the DK200.

I have zero experience with bar tape so I trusted her when she said it was "the good stuff". I do not know who the manufacturer of the original tape that came on my bike is.   In comparison I noticed immediately that the Lizard Skins were much thicker and appeared more durable. I had Gino, at the HUB, wrap the LS tape over the existing tape. I was wondering if this was a good decision.   I felt confident having done so when Tyler said, " I don't normally approve of double wrapping, but yours I like". Tyler would know.


I put a few hundred miles of wear on this tape and another 115 miles of gnarly Kansas gravel before writing this review. I must say that I am shocked about a couple of things I found.   First, I was surprised at how I did NOT need cycling gloves.  I like wearing gloves, but found I enjoyed the feeling of this tape on my bare hands. I feel more connected to my bike.  The tape was soft, yet felt firm.  It seemed to absorb a lot of the bumps in the road I usually felt. My hands did not hurt even after 50 miles of road.   This tape did not feel sticky, and you know how important that is if you live in the hot and humid Midwest. Second, it cleaned up amazingly well. After my race ended in Kansas, my bike and bars were covered in disgusting tacky, thick mud. I was a little worried I might have ruined the tape in just one race. However, it cleaned up quite easily and still looked brand new afterwards. 

Below is a picture of my bar tape vs. Jim's. The Lizard Skins tape is on the right. You can immediately see the difference.  I am not knocking Jim's tape, however, his already has signs of wear and is coming undone after only 5 months.  Good thing he knows where he can order some.

 I am extremely satisfied with my Lizard Skins and will NEVER purchase another brand. I highly suggest you head over here and get some for yourself. They have many colors to choose from. They even have a video on how to install. Be careful not to stretch it too much and use light pressure when wrapping. Or, take it to your bike mechanic and have them install it for you.

Thanks Pam for turning me on to this amazing tape and giving me the opportunity to test it. I am also still willing to cut up my Cyclops with a chainsaw in order to try your Kinetic Trainer!!! Yes, even on video.

If you are reading this review, there is an update here.  Lizard Skins is still going strong.


  1. I have that stuff on my road bike. Love it.

  2. Wendy - glad the tape exceeded your expectations; I know I love mine. I will take you up on the chainsaw offer. let's talk soon!

  3. Pam, I will be in touch. Matt, they do carry white