Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

After leaving the Dirt Crits, we were at Bass by 11pm. Jim placed 17th, by the way.

We slept here on Thurs and Fri evening. Mine is orange and Jim's is the blue

Sydney was not far from us in her own Hennessey Hammock.

All of us before the 6 mile float . It was my niece and my sister's in laws first time in a canoe.

This is how the girl's took in the sights.

Swimming with Dad

Jim showing off

Sydney takes after her Dad

Had to go.

The Goblin meets The Berryman

Jim looked this good all day

Goblin time

New signage at Council Bluff

Beginning of our night paddle to "our home in the trees"

It just got better

Our resting place Sat evening and Sun morn


Mitch and Jim at the top

Me at the top of Council Bluff

Leaving on an EPIC adventure at 130pm

Getting started

Shot timed perfectly

Been there. Done that.

Saw this in a restroom. Should have just gone outside?!

What the......

Seen around Cottelville

Katy Trail

When there is no Pabst, drink Stag

Riding home watching fireworks. Home at 1107pm

What did you do????


  1. Looks like a GREAT weekend! And a bit more eventful than mine.

    Friday: drive home from Wisconsin
    Saturday morning: Tour de Donut
    Rest of Saturday: try to not be sick
    Sunday: church & movie with the family

    I'm working on the husband to get on his bike more, and then maybe some of our weekends will look more like yours. :)

  2. @Kate - You don't need a bike to have a weekend like ours, ya just gotta get outside. Camping is cool, Cabin-ing -sucks most times.
    We started as backpackers six years ago, and we still like to take a couple days walking about to clear our heads and redirect things. Sometimes ya don't even have to leave the county. Weldon Springs has some very cool ridges and valley's that are a bit off trail. Ya just have to look.
    PS...part of me really wanted to hammer some doughnuts!