Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bears and Goblins at Council Bluff

I got in some more Goblin time this past weekend at Council Bluff Lake.  After a full day of trail recon on Saturday, Jim and I rode a loop, 13 miles, on Sunday.  It was not the most enjoyable ride, which had nothing to do with the bike.  The day had started out cool, but raised in temp to almost 100 by 11 am.  The trail is very overgrown in several areas.  Its a big deal to me since I am highly allergic to poison ivy and that sh*t is everywhere. Its on the trail and in the campground.  I  do not care to have my arms sliced up by rose bushes either. We were able to remove a couple trees and kill some rose bushes while getting this ride in. We had the trail all to ourselves.

Trying out the new hand saw.
 The Goblin performed well as we completed our first loop at CB.  Until now, this trail has only been seen by my single speed.  Wow, what a difference gears make.  I was able to haul ass in the flats where I usually spin my brains out.  I am still getting the hang of down shifting before I get to a climb.  I just need more practice.  I am very fortunate to have this sweet green machine to learn on.  Don't be jealous.  Airborne has plenty of them, in your size and very affordable.  Whatcha waiting for??? Buy one already.


  1. It's feast or famine here: barely get to ride bc of all of the rain, or get lots of riding time in the insane heat.

  2. So where were the bears?

    Also, you took down that tree with a handsaw? Nice job!

  3. Stay tuned for my next post. I will tell you all about THE BEAR