Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's In My Bag

When I first started mountain biking I carried a plethora of gear.  I took "everything but the kitchen sink" for a seven mile ride. I didn't know what I should be carrying, so I just grabbed a lot of stuff.  I have pared  down my gear to just the essentials over the years.  Depending on the weather, or length of the ride, I don't even use a backpack.  Two years ago, my husband bought me a Mountain Feed Bag.  The bag velcros right onto the  handlebars and stem. There is also a third strap securing it to the fork crown.

Revelate Designs
Revelate Designs shows how to use two

 The bag doesn't move.  Trust me when I tell you " you won't even know it's there". It can be easily opened with one hand while riding. Yep, even I can do it. This bag has changed my life and has left my packs hanging in the garage waiting for the epic rides.

 I can fit almost everything  in it for an average ride to an endurance ride.  There is plenty of room  for food, tools, keys,etc.  What doesn't fit inside will fit in the dual sided mesh pockets.  Everything you see above fits in the bag.

List:    multi tool
           gel- used as emergency tire boot or emergency energy
            gum, lifesavers
           CO2 with head x2
            tire lever
            extra tube, in tube sock with extra lever and CO2
             $5 spot
             Road Id -  Never leave home without it

I keep my phone in this handy bag with fold over top and drawstring.  It has saved the IPhone from certain death by water, humidity and my sweat several times. Well worth the $5 I paid at Walmart.

I have a hand pump on my bike  in case of CO2 failure.  Duct tape is wrapped around the pump.  Duct tape has several uses, such as emergency band-aids, so I like to have some just in case.

A couple of Flight Crew members posted what they carry.  Jerry Hazard and Dan Lucas carry a lot of sh*t.  I thought myself, as the girl ,would carry more.  Didn't you?  What's in your bag?

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  1. I don't carry "that much" .... okay.. I do. Lol. I'm trying to pare it down though. Carrying a pack that weighs more than some bikes does take its toll on performance ;). Great post!