Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lizard Skins Review Continued

Cross season has just begun here in the Midwest.  Are you searching frantically for some bar tape because yours sucks?  Well, look no further.  Lizard Skins has you covered.  I wrote a review on their bar tape back in June. When I wrote that,  Mother Nature was still serving up tame weather.  I have reread it and I stand by everything I wrote. This post is a continuation.  I want you to see how the tape is holding up to MO weather and my abuse.

Living in MO comes with a lot of heat and humidity.  I rode my share this summer and sweated, like a man, all over this tape.  My hands, sans gloves, did not slide nor did the tape feel sticky. Not even on those 100 degree days.

  With approximately 1000 miles of getting to know this tape on my 2011 Kona cross bike, I still have not worn gloves.  Not once.  Even after a 75 mile gravel grinder my hands felt fine.  I like feeling "one" with my bike.  Lizard Skins tape allows me to feel connected/attached to it.  As an added bonus, my hands have a great tan.

 I expect to go the distance of the DK200 next year with this tape. The black compliments the bike beautifully, but I reserve the right to change it up.  The lime green, orange, or the pink are good options. Any opinions?

Aftermath of Dirty Kanza

After the mud I encountered at DK I thought I had ruined the tape.  I was surprised at how easily it wiped off.  Much easier than cleaning the bike, which explains why it is still a mess in the picture.

 Truth be told, the tape looks like it was just put on.  Greg, at the Hub Bicycle Co, did an awesome job for me.  

Picture taken on June 17th

Exactly the same 

 I know that there are many options when it comes to bar tape. So, do you homework.   Lizard Skins bar tape comes in seven colors and runs about $ 35 - $40 dollars.  You can definitely find cheaper.  I found some online for less than $10.  But remember,  you get what you pay for.   I suggest giving your bike some love and skipping dinner out once this month.  Priorities. After all, it is cyclocross season.


  1. I think some of this tape is definetly in order for my DK bike for next year. I had a terrile time with my gloves this year, rubbing between my fingers, it would be awesome to go sans gloves. As crazy as it sounds I am already looking forward to DK next year. =)

  2. Get some Travis. Your hands and your bike will be happy. I got goosebumps.... you said DK. Looking forward to revenge and crushin' that ride in 2012.