Saturday, November 12, 2011


 This past Thursday evening I received a few lemons.  "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." That statement will be my mantra for the next couple weeks.  While night riding, I stepped off trail, perfectly between two rocks.  The only problem was it happened quickly. My body had continued moving forward, as my foot had clearly stopped.  There was some snap and pop followed by several grunts and hollers on the miles we had to walk out. Definitely not the ride Gabrielle Renner had planned.


 Once again, the two of us are thrown together and I am injured.  We briefly chatted about that injury and had several chuckles about almost making it through the year unscathed.  Thank you Jim for meeting us and  picking up my broken body, again.  Thank you Gabby for entertaining me and nearly freezing your butt off in the process.

I went to the Urgent Care Center, it was 11-11-11, and it was 11:11:11 as I was signing in.  What a shame those weren't my lucky numbers.

Look at the clock

  Jim kept me company while the Doctor took my info and later read my x-rays.  The good news is that the ankle is not broken.  That's awesome since this is the same ankle I had to have operated on in 2000.  As soon as the swelling goes down I will have a better idea if there is any tendon or ligament damage.

What a difference a few hours make

 The Dr. was surprised at my range of motion ( ROM ), which I am encouraged by.  He also said this may be a blessing in disguise.  Since I had surgery, my ROM is minimal.  After long or hard efforts, by run or bike, I experience moderate pain.  He is hoping the pop I heard and felt is the scar tissue located exactly where I had surgery.  This accident may stretch that area and give me better ROM and less pain in the long run.  Still too early to tell, but I like his way of thinking.  I have been icing, elevating, and wrapping my ankle like clock work, so I expect to heal quickly.

I am going to use this down time to spruce up a couple of blogs I have procrastinated on. I also picked up a couple of books on writing, I now have time to read. Happy riding and be careful out there.


  1. Just remember "That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger".Heal quick!!

  2. Sorry you were hurt, but I sure hope the dr is right and this ends up meaning more pain-free riding and running for you. Heal fast, chica!