Thursday, April 12, 2012

Building A Beast

Who is this? 2008

It has been three years since I was accepted into the all boys world of Team Seagal.  I was, and still am, honored to be a part of their group, which has grown quite a bit in the past year.  They accepted me, " As Is" and never complained.  For some reason, I feel like I have to earn my place on the team and have tried to step up my racing and fitness every year.   In addition, they keep ordering my kits too small.  How's that for motivation?

Sasha meets Ralph in 2009

This year has been no exception.  I started in January by having nooners with Shaun T, jumping around in a small space in my living room.  After a solid eight week performance, I can tell you.... my  " beast " is coming along nicely.  I feel fantastic, less jiggly wiggly, and have been on the receiving end of some major compliments.  At least I think they were compliments.  For instance, I went to get a haircut and my hair fella says, " Dude, you have arms like a man".  Here's another, my husband said, " your legs are getting so big... from riding".  He exited the room rather quickly, the look on my face might have puzzled him.  I mean, who in their right mind tells their wife that her legs are getting bigger?  I know he meant well.

Middle fork creek crossing 2011

I have been working on the beast, aka Sasha, for three years.  I have molded her, my alter ego,  like a child would mold a lump of play-doh.  She has been trained not to fear anything or anyone. She accepts every challenge with a smile and a can do attitude.  Sasha has religiously attended every team meeting to be injected with " superior state of mind" and " superior attitude".

That jersey used to be soooo tight. 2011

Just the other day, Sasha said " I will be the first Team Seagal member to complete the Dirty Kanza".  Sorry babe, that does mean beating you.   She is very strong willed and I believe she will be successful.  Training for the DK200 has entered it's third week and has been going well.  In order to accommodate life, a few adjustments have been made.  Such as, instead of walking in the mornings, I am running three miles.  Hoping to build a larger lung capacity, and stronger legs ( not bigger ).

Gotta go for now.  Sasha needs to ride.

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  1. Alter egos rock. Sasha most definitely does, though Wendy isn't so bad, herself. :)

    Good luck!