Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm Back

Several conversations, over the past few days, have lead me to change my mind about shutting down this blog.  This is where I started writing about bikes and such and there is NO reason why that has to stop. Who said a girl can't have two blogs?    I have missed you  APabstSmear.  Let's get reacquainted.

In case you missed it, I introduced a new blog, and have been writing there.   Let me catch you up...

I recently turned 43 and damn does it feel good. Actually, if 43 feels like this I can't wait to hit 44 and so on.   I  kicked out 8 solid weeks of Insanity with Shaun T.( blog to follow)  and feel amazing.  Starting off this year feeling strong, with a better core, and less jiggly is a great way to begin the 2012 season .

 My training for the DK200 began last week. Completing this race/ride is at the top of my goal list.
Week one complete

  I put in 120 miles of smiles on my Kona Jake  the Snake.  Not a bad start for being off my bike for a couple of months.   I also reached the 5000 mile milestone on that awesome beast.  Thank you Kona.  Your bikes kicka$$!

You and I will conquer DK

For my birthday, my wonderful husband bought me a Kona Big Unit frame.  As you can see..... it is quite superior and will match my Team Seagal kit nicely.  The bike will be set up single speed style, my personal riding preference.  It's almost ready to crush the trails.   Don't be jealous, buy your own.  I did score the very last 16in though.  I must have someone looking out for me.

New fella in the stable

The magazine article I wrote for the Ozark trail magazine is done and I have received several copies.

I cannot share it with you yet, but when I can I will post it everywhere.

Seeing my name in print was incredible, and holding my work in my hands was amazing.   I hope you will like it.

Goal achieved

Thanks for reading.  Stay tuned , I have a lot to tell ya.

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  1. SO excited for you!! Congratulations on the article, the fantastic bike, and gooood luck on your DK training! :)