Friday, April 27, 2012

Training The Mind and The Behind

The Dirty Kanza is just five weeks away.  My opportunity to redeem myself in Kansas is at the fore-front of my brain. My goal is to finish the 200 miles and have a Pabst.  I did not spend eight weeks jumping around in my living room with Shaun T. to fail.  Adding in three miles of running every morning has been beneficial too, I will not fail.  Riding my bike as much as possible, I will not fail.  Eating healthy meals and spending time on the foam roller, I will not fail.  I WILL be the first member of Team Seagal to conquer this gravel beast.  Count on it!


Even though I have been consistent with my mileage, as of today, my longest ride has been 50 miles on the  Katy Trail.  I arrived at the Weldon Spring Trailhead solo around 9am.  I asked my FaceBook friends if I should go right or left.  My first response was left, so I headed toward St. Charles telling myself there's beer there.

It was a beauty of a day, light wind and 80 degrees.  The ride would be minimally uncomfortable.  I planned on 12mph, consistent pedaling.  I stopped to take some pictures and watch two turtles play.   I reached Black Walnut MO, never heard of it, in two hours.  Right on time.

View to the left

I turn around and headed back.

View to the right

  This ride was necessary to build my mind, it did get a little boring. Even though the view was beautiful as I rode from town to town, it would have been nice to have company. I know I have to be comfortable with being alone. There were portions of the DK200 that I rode alone.   I need to build confidence, and this is one way to do it.



Fly like an eagle

I need to get packing for our weekend.  Camping, trail work and secret stuff.  It's tough being me.


  1. Secret stuff sounds intruiging

  2. I'm so ready for school and volleyball to be over so I can get in some miles. I'll be at DK one way or the other, so I look forward to watching you drink that beer, if not handing it to you.