Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kids Racing

The littlest trail monster's steed

 When the Alpine Shop Dirt Crits started on June 30th, there were only a handful of kids participating in the kids race.  This past Thursday, the kids race had over 25 participants!  Yes!  I believe this falls under the statement, " if you build it, they will come".

 I knew my six yr old Sydney wanted to race. She talked about it all week, checking the calendar daily, counting down the days, hours and minutes. I was worried that the temps would melt her.  Yea, I'm a mom like that. Immediately upon our arrival at the park, she wanted to hop on her bike and be just like all the adults whizzing around warming up for their race.  It was six o'clock and 102 degrees.  I was able to talk her out of it, for about 30 minutes.  Then I gave in.


She had the opportunity to play /ride with two other girls close to her age.  So, I let her go.  She changed into her bike shorts and her pink jersey and all I saw was her back.  The three girls took off to ride the open field area.  I stood and watched, and hoped she wouldn't overheat.  Yea, I worry too much.

Number 354 reporting for duty

Every few minutes she would yell " IS IT RACE TIME YET" or   " WHEN IS MY RACE MOM".  The kids race was the last race scheduled for the evening.  She was not the only one eager to ride the dirt.


 Around 8pm, it was finally race time.  While the race director tells the kids the rules, mine goes for the front row.  She is just like her Daddy.  She had a game face on that I had never seen before.  She even told me " I want to win".  Both a good and a bad thing.  There were no prizes, no medals.  Just the satisfaction of putting out a good effort and hearing the crowd of parents yelling for them.  Truly awesome.

THE Peat Henry
  She was tickled that her favorite racer, Peat Henry, stayed to see her race.  Thanks Peat, that meant a lot to me too.

Twenty-five plus kids ready to pedal

Enjoy the video below.  My husband took it with his phone and he may have been a little excited.  Who can blame him?  You will hear both of us, we tend to be a bit vocal.

The kids did two laps on a flat course with a mix of grassy field and single-track.  I wanted to follow her but she informed me that I was not allowed to be with her during her race.  She said " I can do this without you mommy".  I knew she was right.  I was comforted by the fact that there were other adults following their kids and they assured me she would be fine.  She was fine and she did great.

Post race 

  When she finished she looked over her shoulder to make sure she wasn't last.  She was NOT last. Plus, she did it on a single-speed.  That's my girl!  Jim and I have already decide to upgrade her bike with.... of course, a KONA.  We will soon be a six KONA owning family.

There is one more chance to race coming up on Thursday, August 2nd.  Bring your kids. The kids race is FREE.  Get them involved in what you love.  Show them why riding a bike is so awesome. I guarantee they will sleep very well that night. My girl was out within ten minutes.  While she slept she smiled, giggled, and moaned a little.  I smiled because I know there is a little pain involved with your pleasure.

She slept in by an hour

  I wish there had been races like this when I was a kid.

Me at age 6 in 1975
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  1. Excellent! I agree, get them involved in your passions. You never know, they might love them even more than you do!

  2. That is awesome! Seeing how quickly your daughter has grown into biking makes me anxious for my boys. I bought Ethan his strider bike for his 2nd birthday and it has taken him a little while, but most nights he doesn't want to get off of it to go to bed. =)