Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beautiful Disaster

The Burnin' is coming!  One of Missouri's finest mountain bike races will be at Council Bluff on Oct 13 2012.  I attended my first Burnin' three years ago, I wouldn't miss it for anything.  I love staying at CB.  With all the improvements they are making it will be an even awesomer place to stay next year. This 13 mile loop is one of my favorites.   I have had the opportunity to hike, run, bike, and work on that beautiful trail.  My goal is to ride a clean loop someday, ride everything and not put a foot down.  If you have ridden it before, you know that is not easy.  Keep in mind, I ride a single speed.  There are a lot of momentum killers out there.

My Big Unit

Over the weekend I flipped a coin.  Heads was doing the 6hr solo and tails the 12hr solo.  I have never done the 6 hr.  By the way, this was my very first 12hr race.  Not to keep you in suspense, it was tails.  Beautiful!  Who wouldn't want to ride a magnificent trail with the coolest folks around for 12 hours?  Count me in.  Now here comes the 'potential' for disaster.....

My Kona is ready.  I had a super fun ride at Lost Valley today. The trail was perfect and the weather did not disappoint.  My Big Unit flowed gracefully down the trail and climbed like a goat.  What more do you need?  Some guy on the trail said I was missing gears, I told him I do have a "hop off and push gear". The saddle is new to me, luckily I don't sit much.   I changed out my handlebars and grips too.  The hubby and I are headed to CB this weekend, sans kids.  I see a good time in my future.  Riding some laps and hanging in the trees, yea I will take some of that.  Plus, if there are any bugs to be worked out, now will be a good time.  I have a 32x19 set up now, but will change to a 32x20 for the race.  That gear worked well last year besides, I am not beasty enough to push the 19 for 12 hrs.

 I have not done any races this year except the DK200.  That will make nutrition tricky, so I will go with stuff I know works.  I hear there will be Ice Cold Delicious Pabst handups at the boat launch again courtesy of Team Seagal.  Liquid carbs are the best.

I do not consider myself a hipster and I drink Gatorade too.

There are no goals for this year.  I am " just going to to do the best I can".  Thanks Carrie Sona.  There are no visions of buckles dancing in my head. Which may be a good thing.  Last year I had an awful attack of the Buckle Blues.  I don't quite understand it, but I hear sometimes it comes with the territory.  No matter how things turn out,  I will be surrounded by fabulous people and doing something I love.

Hope to see you there.....


ps... put some positive mojo out there that my kit arrives before the race.  I am going to look PAF!


  1. Hey, I'll see you this weekend...Berryman starts and finishes at CB.

  2. Awesome, I will be able to wish you all luck in person. And show off my beautiful Kona.

  3. Good luck, can't wait to read the report!

  4. Thank you Matt. No matter how it turns out there will be a story to tell.