Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chamois Butt'r Three Reviews For The Blog Of One

It was a good day to be a girl! The nice folks at Chamois Buttr gave out FULL size tubes ( a $15.99 value) of Her Butt'r at the Dirty Kanza 200.  This venue was the perfect place to unveil their new product and and even better place for me to try it out.  I had not seen it or used it prior to this race.

 Just so you know... I have not been compensated, in any way, shape or form to give my opinion. The following are my opinions on three products made by Chamois Butt'r. I have used all three products for approximately six months to form my opinion.

Chamois Butt'r HER Butt'r

When I first started cycling there was a lot of grin and bear it and some screams from the shower. I thought it was just one of those things I would have to get used to.  I enjoyed riding my bike for longer periods of time however my vagina was hating it. The friction of saddle and shorts was at times unbearable, especially if my skin was already irritated.  Was I going to have to suck it up?  Not for long.....

I finally educated myself about creams and gels that would cure my problem.  I ended up trying all kinds of stuff. You know what I've found out?  Some body lubes were great, some not so great, some burned, others smelled funny, some were sticky/greasy, and many would not wash out of my chamois.  I wasn't trying to be picky but I am not just going to put anything down there. Neither should you.

Her Butt'r was designed by a female sports doctor and been tested on many female cyclists before coming to market.  The formula is Ph balanced and contains premium ingredients such as tea tree oil, shea butter, and lavendar oil to name a few.  I did not find it greasy or sticky and it washed out of my shorts completely.  It did not burn or smell funny, the scent is light and smells of lavendar.

The morning of the Dirty Kanza I slathered it on and passed it off to my pit crew.  At mile 100 I reapplied as a just in case measure since I had 100 plus to go.  I was on my bike for 19 hours and 30 minutes.  I did not feel any chafing during the ride but you never know the extent of the damage until you hit the shower.  There was no screaming.  There were no chafe marks. My experience with  Her Butt'r was a success. I will use this product again and recommend it to all female cyclists.  Fellas....  You could be a hero and buy her a tube.  Plus, you can use it too, even though it was made with the ladies in mind.

CB stock photo

Chamois Butt'r Sports Kit Wash

Cycling kits are expensive.  My goal is to keep my spandex around as long as I can.  You have to take proper care of it.  I would NEVER throw it in the dryer or use ordinary, fragrant filled detergents.  I tried Chamois Butt'rs kit wash for the first time after a mountain bike ride this summer.  First, I smelled it and was happy to notice it had a light, clean scent, almost citrusy. I poured two capfuls into about a gallon of water in the sink.  I let them soak for about ten minutes, overkill but you don't know my husband, he finds dirt. I squeezed the wash through the fabric, do not twist or rub.  After that all you do is rinse thoroughly, don't worry...the washing solution comes out quickly.  Hang dry or lay it flat. Easy peasy.

Since this wash does not require a lot of water you could easily pack it along for bike packing.  I took it camping and found it works well with swim suits and other technical clothing.  It's really priceless to wake up to a fresh smelling kit instead of praying it doesn't stink too bad or give you a nasty skin rash.

Chamois Butt'r Sports Wash

How many times have you had to get into your car and drive home covered with sweat, blood, and dirt? Or maybe you were covered in embro and what it might do to the seats?  Or maybe you just like to be clean while getting your podium shots?  Either way, you need this stuff.

I started using this sports wash in June of 2013.  I liked the bottle, complete with convenient sprayer for easy coverage.  I carry baby wipes and added this wash to my after ride clean-up.  The product smelled nice and applied easily.  My skin felt fresh and tingly.  I was really surprised at how it cut through the grit and grime I was covered in. I was also surprised my skin felt soft, not dry at all.   This wash has afforded me comfortable rides home, kept my car cleaner, and was great to take on camping/hiking trips.

All of the items above retail for $15.99.  I imagine each would last me about a year, give or take, which is a small price to pay to be comfortable, look good , and smell nice.  Wouldn't you agree?

Happy Winter Riding,

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