Thursday, June 17, 2010

Three Years Ago....

today I went on my first mountain bike ride , ever, with the St. Charles Parks Dept. They provide beginner introduction rides once a month at one of their parks. GORC also plays a huge role and several GORCsters show up for these rides. I was intrigued by biking on the trails, since I had only hiked them. I had not been on a bike in at least 20 years and I wanted to be able to ride with my hubby, since he had a shit eating grin on his face every time he returned from a ride. Long story short, about 1.5 miles in I launched myself down a 10 ft. cliff and ended up in the ER. Ironically, the same ER I found myself in a couple of weeks ago. Also ironic, is the fact I hurt the same arm/elbow. I was very frustrated that I would not be able to get a" do over" until late Oct. I learned the most important " rule " of biking that day. "Dont look where you dont want to go". Thanks Craig for all your advice and helping me out of the ditch. It was nice to have the crash site affectionately named " Wendy's Wading Pool " , and that spot has since been rerouted.

I cant wait to get back on my bike. My arm is healing very quickly. I hope to be riding next week. That is, if my mom doesnt sell my bike . And if Jim lets me. I really wanted to do The LUAU , this weekend. Maybe TTM will be there for morale support. Or just to watch who "sandbags". Thanks to STLbiking for providing such an entertaining thread while I am mending.

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  1. So I'm reading my way back through your archives, and this made me laugh. Well, not at the falling/getting hurt thing(s), but the don't look where you don't want to go. Every time I go through any part of trail that feels hairy to me (most of them), I mutter to myself "Look where you want to go!! Look where you want to go!" That's the first thing I was told when I went out on the singletrack for the first time. Funny how a crash drives the point home.