Friday, April 8, 2011

The Future

Wednesday night I had the opportunity to ride with my daughter Sydney. She got her first taste of single track at age 4. She started on a strider . {make sure to scroll down to the video} She has never used training wheels and has this "NO FEAR" , "I CAN DO IT" attitude. This year she has informed us she wants to race. Watch out boys!

She did 3 miles at Indian Camp Creek, the flat section. She is going to be an amazing mountain biker. She has been riding the road with me, usually 3-6 miles. If you ask her, she would rather be on the trails. That's our girl!

It's unfortunate that she is in between sizes and is not quite big enough for the next size bike. It's currently hiding in our garage. We know her too well than to give it to her before it's time.

**** An update on my son and his new running legs****

Trevor has been running a mile or two nearly everyday. It makes me so happy to hear him say " Mom I am going for a run". He has had a couple issues with rubbing and tenderness, but nothing he can't overcome. It's like breaking in a new pair of shoes. He will be more than ready for his first race in June. It's awesome to have a house full of athletes!

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  1. Yea Sydney! This is so cool! That looks like a great place for me to take my youngest. I think I could manage watching him ride the flats without a coronary. :)

    Funny story...for my bday, my husband got me a bike rack for my car (so I'll no longer have to cram it in the back seat). The one he got has room for 3 bikes. Jacob (the 7 yo) was concerned because there are 5 of us. Jeff told him that his (Jacob's) bike could fit in the back of the car, which still of course leaves us short room for one bike. Jacob told Jeff, "I guess you're leaving your bike at home!" He knows who the athlete is in our family. :)