Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 4 of 12

This was supposed to be a rest week. Funny, I don't feel very rested.

Mon- 1hr boot camp
12mi mountain bike

Tues- 1o minute spin

Wed- 1 hr boot camp
6 miles to/from boot camp
12 miles mountain bike
3 miles mountain bike {with Sydney}

Thur- 30 mile Road

Fri-1hr boot camp
3.5 mile hike { with Shalini}
3 miles Road

Sat-17 mile Road

Sun- 8 miles road { grocery store}

This week I learned there is no way to get a recovery ride on my single speed mountain bike. My heart rate was all over the place. Except for the mountain biking I was able to keep my heart rate between Zone 1 and 2 quite easily. I am getting the hang of zone training. I think this week will actually be my rest week. I do plan to ride while in CA, but will probably not be putting in any 50 miler's. This week ends 10 straight days of biking, for the #30day biking challenge. You will notice on Tues I put in just 10 minutes and on Fri I did 3 short miles. Those were my days off.

Totals-91 miles approximately 9 hours of saddle time.

Only 8 weeks until DK200!

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