Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Just Want Your Photograph

Bright and early Wednesday, Dan, Kevin, Brent, Marty, and myself met with Rick and Ian Hylands to get the scoop on our photo shoot. After looking through hundreds of photos I knew that if anyone could make me look good it was him. Ian was very personable and easy to work with. He told us stories of working with models that had to be taught to ride bikes. Today,his challenge was teaching cyclists to be models. I was a little nervous to start, but Ian has a way of making you feel like a rockstar, so the nerves quickly disappeared. Kevin and I were photographed together with Goblins. Our team kits were being held in customs, so we rocked our home kits. I chose to rock Team Seagal , and he chose his Mesa kit. We climbed and descended the same hill probably 30 times. We definitely earned our lunch. Marty is a videographer and had the arduous task of taping the shoot and catching our camaraderie. After he's done editing I'll shoot out a link so you can check it out.
Dan was up next - He and Kevin dragged, pushed, and pulled the Taka up a steep climb for his shot

I had the pleasure of toting Ian's gear - heavy stuff - up the mountain and thru the woods. What great training!

The weather was not cooperating. Cold, a little rain, and waiting for the clouds to move. It's a tough life being a model. We had definitely earned our lunch.

About 4PM, Kevin, Brent, and I gathered the cross bikes, Delta CXs, and headed to the stairs. Up, down, repeat. I think the ridge from shouldering the Delta should work it's way out by the end of this month. Thank goodness there's that thing called airbrushing, I forgot to shave my legs.
Ian told us a story of working with a cyclist who put on a jacket to stay warm. He forgot to take it off when Ian started shooting so Ian yells "JACKET OFF! JACKET OFF!" as the guy rides by - Hilarious! You have to say it fast to get the full effect.

Ian was satisfied with our shots and we headed back to our beautiful hotel, exhausted. We were treated to a great pizza dinner and got to meet the rest of the Flight Crew - Todd, Greg, Jerry, Tony, McCall, Neal. Arleigh's flight was late, I met her the next morning over breakfast.

**** The photos used in this blog were taken by me with my IPhone. I am NOT a professional***

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  1. Excellent write up, Wendy. I'll get to editing the footage as soon as I can. I have one project in cue before that though.