Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 8 of 12

This is my last rest week. The DK200 is June 4th, 25 days away. Beyond just the riding/training for this event there are still many other things to figure out. I will be taking Felix , my DK weapon of choice, to the Hub this week for a tune-up, so he will be race ready. Mentally I am ready for this. Physically I think I am close. After completing Syllamos Revenge this weekend I will be more confident. And confidence goes a long way in my book.

Mon- Road 10 miles easy and a 4 mile walk

Tue- OFF

Wed- Road 21.5 by myself, 3.5 with Syd

Thur- Road 25 miles

Fri- Road 17.5 miles

Sat- Road 3.5 with Syd

Sun- MTB 13 miles at ICCP

Total= 114 miles and 8 + hours in the saddle

This week I plan on fitting in some road and mtb miles if the weather cooperates. Not too many miles with a race on Sat. It's my first time doing the Revenge and I hear it's quite a treat for a single speeder. Hope I pick the right gear.

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