Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!  Did we all have a nice weekend? I planned a nice weekend, but.... you know how that goes. On Sat, I headed out to Lost Valley , Goblin in tow.  I was looking forward to riding with  a couple of  "girl's over 40" , since I am usually a solo rider. Mother Nature obviously did not approve.  While I was waiting for them I received texts and calls that  rain was headed my way. They wouldn't be coming.  Lots of rain and lightning showed up 5 minutes later.  What a cruel day.    Maybe I will get a rain-check, no pun intended.

Today is a great day to check out this blog. Why, you may ask?  Because, I wrote it.  Greg is vacationing in Colorado and invited several blogger's to write a guest blog.  I am very excited mine was chosen for today.  Leave a comment and let Greg know you were there . { And that my write- up didn't suck.} Greg has started a column on Thrifty Thrashing, giving mountain biker's tips on how to save $$$ and how to  pick your battles .I love the last post, Tip #4. That is exactly how we do things.  Ride it until it falls apart.  But, I would NEVER race that way.  New to semi-new tires are necessary for racin'.

Greg's blog is very organized, so you can find a specific post rather quickly. You can become a follower while you are there by clicking on the ' join this site ' tab on the right. He has posts for beginner's, everything from learning to shift  to washing your bike.  Lot's of great info from an experienced mountain biker.   He does gear reviews and writes for  Greg is on FaceBook ,under  Greg Rides Trails page, so go there and " like it ". All the cool kid's have.  Like I said earlier, he is in Colorado and is sure to post some amazing pictures, video,  and include some stories about riding his Goblin out there.

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  1. Oh, cool...a new bike blogger to read. :)

    I wish the times had worked out for you to come and ride with us on Wednesday. It was a great ride, at least up til the last quarter mile or so.