Friday, September 30, 2011

Can A Mountain Biker Run??

Yeah, I can't believe I am going to say this...... I have found joy in running again.  It's hard for me to grasp, considering I did my first run on July 17th and it was anything but joyful.  I hated every step.  I suffered in heat and humidity through two miles which took me  21 minutes.   My mind wanted me to quit by the time I hit 1/4 mile. I was already out of breath.  But, I couldn't quit.  My son  wanted me to run the Cowbell 1/2 marathon with him on  Oct. 2nd.  I was not going to let him down.

The prize

As the weeks passed running did get easier.  I was starting to enjoy some of my runs. Not every one, just a few. I invested in some mid-level road running shoes since my trail shoes weren't cutting it on the pavement. I did not follow any specific plan.  I just went with how I felt.  I figured out mile markers around my neighborhood and just kept adding to them each week. I hit the trails up when I could. Twice I had company. Thanks Nicole.  I did not time 80% of my runs. Especially after seeing that it was taking me nearly 10:30 to complete a mile.

 Finding the balance between running and biking was not easy.  Some days were better than others.  I felt old and broken several times.  I took days off and just walked when I felt bad.  I did not quit. I could not quit. Trevor was depending on me.  It became real  after I signed up for the race.  Fifty-five dollars was the price-tag. Damn, I could have put that $$ into my bike.

The race is this coming Sunday.  I am excited to see how it goes.  I have run 150 miles to train for this. More than some, less than others. I am confident I will finish, but have no goal time in mind. This month I have run several 8:25 miles, but it's doubtful I can hold that pace for the entire 13 miles.  I did run a half marathon  in just under 2 hours once.  But, that was more than 10 years ago. Carrie Sona once said " I am just going to do my best"  So, that is what I am going to do.  Do my best.

What sucks is that I will be doing this run with 1500 strangers/runners.  Trevor has decided not to join me.  He wants his first race to be in California.   His focus has always been Cali.  He doesn't want this race to possibly affect him negatively. Plus, his race will be with other amputees.   I get that.  It is his choice.  I am disappointed, but I am not mad.  We all pick and choose the races we do, and sometimes we change our minds.

Pabst Blue Ribbon
The other prize

Another thing that sucks is that there probably will not be any Pabst hand-ups.  I am sure around mile 8 I would like one. So, if you are in the area.........


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