Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Saying Goodbye

  Last night I sold my first mountain bike.  She was a 26r Giant Rincon, that weighed about 35lbs.  I named her Sheera. That bike was so heavy, but I loved it .  It was my stepping stone to earn a better bike.

I dusted her off and lubed the chain for the last time.  She has been in the basement, hooked up to a trainer for the past 2 years.  I threw a leg over her and took one last ride around the block.  As I flipped through the gears I remembered several rides;  doing 40 miles of the Ouachita Challenge in platform pedals, learning to ride clip-less pedals at Lost Valley, the rides with my daughter riding on the front in her special seat.
Bike Tutor Seat 

Finally removed zip-ties from 2008 Ouachita Challenge
I hope the woman who gets her, rides the hell outta it.  The bike has a way of changing you, if you let it.  There is a road/trail to happiness just outside.  A bike is a great way to see it. This bike was the vehicle that changed my life.  I rode my way into a healthy lifestyle. I am glad Sheera will see daylight again.  She deserves to be ridden.  Do you have a bike you don't ride?  Consider donating it or selling it to a newbie.  You may just change their lives.

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  1. First bikes definitely teach the value of a high end bike...still, it's crazy how attached we get to them!