Saturday, October 15, 2011

Short Post on Cowbell Run

My picture with the cow

On Oct. 2nd I ran a half marathon in beautiful downtown St. Chuck with over 1500 runners.  I will admit to feeling a little out of place.  Runners are definitely different then cyclists.

Had a hard time getting 1500 people to pose

  Jim was there, on his bike, to offer encouragement.  The Cliff notes version is .......  I was doing great until mile 8.5.  My first mile was well under 9 minutes.  My four mile split was 35:37, still under 9 minute miles.
Trying to stay with the pack

 By mile 8 I had slowed to a 9:19 pace.  I was trying to conserve a little energy so I could have a strong finish.  Just before mile 9, the hamstring started to act up.  I had been having problems, for a couple weeks before the run, with my right hammie. It was only right that it should act up today.

So true

 By mile 10 I had to stop and stretch.  I must have looked like a wounded duck trying to keep moving forward.  It wasn't pretty. I have a lot of respect for runners.  Running is hard on the body.  It takes practice to run efficiently and fast.  I am still working on that.

Beautiful Lake to run by

My official finish time was 2:14:35. To put it in perspective....  I was #871 out of 1,407 finishers.  I was #382 of 783 females and #61 of 135 in the 40-45 category.  Not bad for a cyclist.

I received a sweet medal for finishing and an awesome cowbell and tech long sleeve t-shirt. I will be back next year. I am not going to stop running, that would be silly.

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  1. I always go out too fast, not sure you went out too fast bc you were really picking up the pace as you got further with your running. You kicked butt. No way you should stop running.