Sunday, January 8, 2012

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Most women would be upset if they received a piece of exercise equipment for Christmas.  I am not like most women. I have wanted one of these bad boys for a long time. I admit I have ignored my core and arms for too long.  It's high time they both catch up with my legs.  Living with a Certified Personal Trainer, leaves little room for excuses.  This little fella came with a DVD, but with Trevor's help, I intend to build my own personal workout.  Tomorrow is Day 1.  After taking  a picture and measurements, I will give the DVD and a whirl. According to my research, I will improve strength in my arms and define my marshmallow core. Hell yeah.  My mantra " this will make you a better cyclist" will be playing in my head.  I expect it's going to hurt.  I also expect this 12lb. item to take me to another level of fitness, so I will be able to, ' do what I do' even better this year.  Enter the kettle bell....  Out the door are squishy arms and jelly belly.  I will stay accountable by posting results and pictures.   Every two weeks? Too much?  Let's do this already.


  1. The little 12 pounder will not last long!

  2. Good Luck, Keep us posted ,you rock!

  3. Thanks Jerry, and THE PIMP, You may be right. But considering my past few arm injuries, it seemed the logical place to start. The DVD is boring, but does teach the basics. I hope to graduate to a 15 pounder by March. If my glutes hurt does that mean I did it right?