Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FaceBook Games

Love it or hate it, FaceBook has changed how society communicates.  Growing up in the 70's, we wrote letters and waited anxiously for a response.  With email available, you can receive an answer to your situation within a couple days.  With many businesses creating pages on FaceBook you can connect with someone in an instant and call it a day.

If you have hit the "LIKE" button for your favorite company,  you may have noticed that several of them have giveaways.  They may have you leave a comment , write a caption for a ridiculous photo, tag yourself in a photo, or even write a poem about one of their products.  I look at these contests as an opportunity to try new things and win gear that I can use.

Well, let me tell you about the items I have scored in the last 2 months:

Sweet new meats
Just yesterday I received a SET of Specialized Armadillo tires. These run $65 a piece. I won a set by uploading a photo of myself on a commute.  Super easy.  These tires came at a fantastic time, since I will do my DK200 training on them.  Specialized boasts the "you will die before these tires do".  I will let you know.

Comes in six other colors
Last week I received two things.  The first was from Innate Gear.  I received a Doppio, to drink whatever I want from. I drink coffee from it every morning.   It's smaller than my usual cup, so I have been drinking less caffeine.  The Doppio also holds scotch well.

Great towel for the trainer rides
The second bonus was from  Amino Vital.   They were very generous and sent me a great towel, polo shirt and winter hat {which were quickly scooped up by Trevor}, and a sampling of there product, in all three flavors.

I was contacted by yurbuds, I won something in their twelve days of Christmas contest.  They won't tell me what I won, but it should be here in 4-6 weeks.   I will post a picture when I receive it.

Try your luck, you never know what you might win.


  1. You must be irish with all the luck...I like many companies as well but I get no such luck with "freebies" ;)

  2. This reminds me of the dad in A Christmas Story, always entering contests and winning! Next thing you know, you'll be getting a huge box with 'Fragile' (pronounced "Fra-gee-lay") on your front step :) Love it!!

  3. Jerry, too funny. I am Irish, but I think I was in the right place at the right time too. My other side is German, explains a lot. And Cindi, I can only hope. Thanks for commenting

  4. Those are really good training will love them. I absolutely refuse to ride with roadie dorks who use race tires for training. There is no excuse for a flat tire on a road bike in the middle of a winter training ride. Actually, I've even run these Armadillos 25c with a 23c tire stuffed inside them (sidewalls cut down) in bad places like Albuquerque where flats are really common. Maxxis Re-Fuse tires are also bomb proof.

  5. I am looking forward to trying them. Thanks for the advice about stuffing another tire inside. Heavy to ride with, but isn't that what training is for? I agree about the no flats in the middle of a winter training ride.