Thursday, February 2, 2012


In life, it is important to remember what  your priorities are.  Honor your priorities.  Cultivate them.  Let them dominate your very existence.  Meet my priority.

Sydney age 5

Sydney's Ride

For the end of January, Missouri weather has been amazing.  Every day after school Sydney and I have gotten to ride our bikes.

We have been able to put in five miles each ride. Fifteen miles total, so far.

Monday smirk

Tuesday domination



I realize this is not something a lot of parents get to do with their children.  Especially at 4pm.  I know I am lucky .
I have left clothes unwashed and unfolded, dishes in the sink, and beds unmade for her.  This stuff will be there when we get done shredding sidewalk.  It's February in MO.  How long can this last anyway ?

Remind yourself of your priorities.  Then take good care of them.
Todays weather is magnificent too.  Hope you are able to enjoy it.

Now, I need to get " my priority's" bike ready before she gets off the bus.


  1. You've got a very cute priority. :) I can't believe how big she's getting!

  2. So do you. I love the one month picture you posted. Does Jia Li like her new wheels?