Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bike Sadness

This post is a bit on the whhiiinnneeeeyyyy side.  However, it's my blog and I can whine, bitch, and cry if I choose to.  A couple weeks back the husband and I were headed out on an EPIC mountain bike ride, 4th of July Firecracker ride.  We were going to meet up with friends and ride roughly 40 miles and end with a beer.  Even the best laid plans get screwed.

As we were attempting to leave our driveway, Jim noticed my front brake rubbing.  I removed the wheel and he went to work.  Within seconds, hydraulic fluid can spewing forth, all over my Jeep.  No worries, it's just a vehicle. My new Kona was all I cared about.  I would have liked a front brake for the ride, we had no way to fix it.  I know absolutely nothing about Juicy 7's, neither does my hubby.  Now would be a great time to educate myself.


I am a very lucky girl.  I own TWO Kona's, so I put the Big Unit back in the stable, held in tears, and hopped on my cross bike.  I love my Jake the Snake, but my butt really wanted to be on the mountain bike.  After all, it is mountain bike season.  I have not gotten really any opportunities to ride, something always happens/comes up.  Nor have I race for that matter.  I don't fancy myself as being much of a racer anyways, but I like to participate once in a while.

Finishing the BT Epic 2009

I have realized, over the years, that this life is NOT all about me.  I get that. I didn't mind going to soccer games in the spring every Saturday.  Nor do I mind watching my nephew and niece to build up babysitting time with the relatives.  I did get to do my most important ride of the year, I should stop belly-aching already.

Finding the door.....
School is back in session in a month and my ride time will resurface again.  Unless, I get that job I just applied for......

Yes sir!

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  1. Nice write up! I've been in those moments myself where every time I go to ride something happens and makes it a difficult ride or it postpones the ride entirely. I hope your ride time picks up. I hope mine does too. Cheers.