Saturday, June 25, 2011

Great Green Goblins

Back in March, I was accepted to be part of the Airborne Flight Crew. In April I was given an all expense trip to California to attend Sea Otter and partake in a photo shoot. It was such an amazing experience that it took several posts to get it all out there. In case you missed something.......

The first week of May a huge box was delivered to my door. It contained my very own Goblin. I wanted to tear into that box and put it together. I had waited patiently for this bike and now I wanted to get to know it. Regrettably, I had to push the box into a corner. I had three single speed races in May and really needed to ride my ss. There was so much rain , I only managed a handful of rides.


The third week of May I built my Goblin. I opened the box, within a box, to find the frame and wheels smothered in bubble wrap, cardboard, and foam. I have never seen anything like it. Zip ties everywhere. This bike was packed so well I think it could have fallen from the freight plane and not sustained any damage. I did have pictures of the unwrapping and the build, unfortunately , my Iphone took on some water and was destroyed. Check out this awesome video from FC member Brent Davidson.

I have never put a bike together, so I was very relieved to see that Airborne did 80% of it for me. Hell, they even inflated the tires. Who does that? About 20 minutes later I had successfully put it together. All by myself! Now all I needed was for Mother Nature to cut me a break. Here in the Midwest, trails have been closed more often than open.I have been forced to ride the road, a lot of road . I had been training for the June DK200 , and there I would be using my cross-bike. I had been looking forward to this race, but also wanted it over so I could begin my relationship with the ' new guy ' in the stable. All the followed was more rain, trail closures, and frustration. I planned an epic with the Goblin, had a sitter for the day. Yep, you guessed it. Buckets of Rain. Several races have been cancelled to prevent trail damage. I would much rather build new trail than repair trail damaged by some thoughtless riders.

I also had eye surgery this week and am recovering well. I hope the Dr. lets me loose to ride sooner than 2 weeks. Breaking in the Airborne Goblin will be a pleasure. All mine. I have decided that I will run this bike exactly the way it came out of the box. Well, except for one adjustment, adding Ergon grips and bar ends. I want to see how this bike holds up without making any upgrades. I want to see how it performs after some long rides and how it will handle my abuse and MO trails. I like the Kenda small block 8's and plan to run them as much as I can. They are not my fave choice for every trail or trail condition tho.

As soon as I am released to ride I will hop on the Goblin. Gears are cool, lots of choices. I will now have choices! It's kinda funner to be faster sometimes. I have been adapting with one gear for a while now. I am thinking about doing some races on it. Watch out local experts. HaHa I know I have a ways to go. I am confident that 'his green-ness' will be the bike to take me there. I ride because I want to be better, and because it's fun. It's also fun to get better and podium once in a while.